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An Extensive Range of Coffee Options Available at Café De Castillo

Extensive Range of Coffee Options

Coffee is our ultimate best friend, irrespective of the blend we like. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s the ultimate eye-opener after a deep sleep or a hangover. However, choosing the right coffee is important, which is why we are talking about the most delicious and extensive range of coffees available at Café De Castillo. So, are you ready to find out the details?

The Blends

Blonde Roast Coffee Beans

This is a sweet blend for people who like light roasted beans with more flavor and acidity. The blend was acquired from Central America and Africa, making it one of the best coffee blends with a light brown appearance.

Gourmet Donut Shop

We all have hoped into the donut shops for their delicious coffee and little desserts and this blend by Café De Castillo is a perfect choice. This is a light-medium roast that has the most delicious notes of toffee, mild fruits, cocoa, and caramel, making it a perfect morning coffee.


Cafe De Castillo

Italian Roast

If you are someone who likes the extra dark coffee, this is it from Central America and boasts a heavy coffee flavor. In fact, there is no acidity!

Kahawa Blend African Coffee Beans

This is a complex medium-dark roast that boasts the bright flavor of African coffee. It has the hints of green apples, cherries, black currant, caramel, raisins, chocolate, and red fruits with a floral finish – how diverse is the flavor?

Latin American Coffee Blend

The coffee blend boasts a full punch of flavor with mild fruity tones, nutty undertones, and a cocoa aftertaste that makes the most delicious and rich cup of coffee. The coffee blend is made from the shade-grown coffee beans that are roasted to perfection at medium-dark!

French Roast

There is not one person who doesn’t yearn for French coffee but this coffee blend is a perfect choice to fulfill your cravings. It has a deep dark roast that offers a rich and bold coffee flavor. Also, the coffee beans have a shiny layer and boast a bittersweet flavor.

African Espresso

The coffee blend has a medium-dark roast and is made from a combination of coffee beans from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania.

6 Bean Blend

This is a perfect blend for people who are fond of espresso and has the most authentic tones, along with fresh roasting.

Breakfast Blend

If you are a fan of medium roast coffee, this is one of the reliable flavors you will ever try. This is their house breakfast blend and there is more robusta to add a punch of caffeine.

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is the perfect blend that’s particularly designed for cold brew coffee. This is the dark French roast and has a coarse texture without any artificial additives.

Half Caff Blend

This is a half blend with half decaf and half regular and is a medium roast that has an authentic coffee flavor but with lower caffeine content.

House Blend

This is a medium roast blend from South America and Central America with a clean, smooth, and consistent flavor. A cup of coffee boasts nutty tones with a clean finish, mild citrus flavors, and sweet chocolate.

Cowboy Blend

The coffee blend is made as a medium-dark roast and has a variety of flavors. For instance, it has vanilla tones along with cocoa and caramel.

Holiday Blend

With the holiday season coming up, the coffee blend comes from India, Peru, and Brazil.

Asian Plateau Blend

This is a medium roast blend with the blended flavors from Southeast Asia with a heavy body and herbal flavor notes. It has a consistent flavor with a strong aroma.

Italian Dark Roast

This is a slow-roasted coffee blend and is a specialty-grade Arabica or Robusta blend.

When it comes down to blends, there are single-serve coffee pods available for people who have the coffee machines, along with the 12-pack single-serve coffee capsules to fulfill your coffee cravings without impacting the portability.


Flavored Coffee

We all know someone who likes additional flavors in their coffee and Café De Castillo has the most fabulous range of flavored coffee. All the coffee blends in this range have a medium roast, so you can enjoy the coffee flavor, a bit of acidity, and the dominating flavors. Some of the flavored coffee options include;

  • Candy cane
  • Mint
  • Cinnabon
  • Hazelnut
  • Spiced Mexican mocha
  • Turtle
  • Caramel
  • French vanilla
  • Chocolate hazelnut
  • Cinnamon hazelnut
  • Pumpkin spice
  • Mocha

Single Origin

In case you are looking for coffee that has a single origin and boasts the most authentic flavors of the region. In the section below, we are sharing the single origin blends available at Café De Castillo, including;

  • Ethiopia Natural - This is a natural grade with medium-light roast and boasts the milk chocolate flavor with mild caramel and fruity tones
  • Tanzania – This is the medium-light roast that has a taste profile that includes pear, jasmine, strawberry, and floral notes
  • Peru – This is an organic blend with a medium roast and has a variety of flavors. The flavors include salted caramel, citrus, and silky sweet. In fact, there is a decaf variety as well
  • Guatemala – This is an SHB blend with medium roast and has the taste profiles of dark chocolate, butterscotch, and bright fruit
  • Papua New Guinea – This is an A/X grading, medium roast, and has the flavor notes of honey, fruit, and caramel
  • Brazil Santos – This coffee blend has a natural nature and medium roast which makes the most elegant and smoothest cup and boasts cocoa notes
  • Mexico – The coffee has an organic blend with a medium roast. It includes the flavor of chocolate, green apple, and cinnamon
  • Honduras – It has an organic grading with medium-dark roasting. In addition, it has brown sugar, spice, and caramel flavor notes
  • Nicaragua – This coffee has an EP grading with a medium roast. The tasting profile includes citrus tones, floral, and cocoa
  • Colombia – The coffee blend has an EP grading with a medium roast and boasts the flavors of berry, dried orange, and chocolate
  • Bali Blue Coffee – The coffee has organic grading with a medium-dark roast. In addition, it has the flavors of brown sugar, dark chocolate, and molasses
  • Costa Rica – The coffee has an EP grading and has a medium roast. It sports the honey, raisin, and sweet apple taste which is perfect for people who like sweet flavors

Sample Packs

Café De Castillo has three sample packs available to offer a combination of flavors, including the following: 

  1. 6Bean, Cowboy, Breakfast Blend, Peru, Mexico, Bali
  2. Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Honduras, Tanzania
  3. French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Cinnabon, Caramel, Mocha, Cinnamon Hazelnut

Other Coffee Products

  • Boyd's Coffee Streamliner Coffee
  • Organic Fair Trade Espresso Coffee – this coffee has espresso acidity with the layers of caramel and chocolate with a mildly sweet finish with nutty tones
  • Coffee Toffee – this is a buttery toffee that’s mixed with coffee and is covered in dark chocolate and is sprinkled with salted almonds
  • Kikos Colombian Coffee – this is made from 100% Colombian Arabica coffee which has delicious flavors and boasts the subtle notes of fruit flavors and chocolate which creates a balanced cup of coffee
  • Espresso Blend – this is an espresso blend with a dark roast that offers a full body with a smooth and creamy texture that’s made from the 100% Arabica beans

The Best Coffee

Café De Castillo is one of the best brands you can choose for your coffee. This is because they have the most extensive range of coffees available that’s true to their roots. That’s because coffee beans are imported from a specific origin and they are roasted fresh whenever they receive an order, so everyone enjoys the freshest flavors. For the same reason, you will find the most positive reviews on the website and that clearly shows the quality of coffee, and not to forget, they have the most elegant packaging!

The Monthly Subscription

If you are a regular coffee drinker and like to experiment with your coffee, you can sign up for a monthly subscription. You have the freedom of choosing your own blends, so shop up the coffee because you will enjoy the most amazing flavors and fresh roasts delivered to your doorstep!