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What is Blonde Roast Coffee?

What does blonde roast taste like?

Every coffee lover has a coffee preference that aligns with their dietary needs, personal taste, and habits, making them stick to the specific style of coffee. So, if you consider yourself a coffee addict and have a knack for light roasts, nothing tastes better than a blonde roast. Contrary to usual belief, blonde coffee is extremely underrated, and not everyone knows the intricacies it holds in the cup. So, if you want to know more, let’s check out the facts on the blonde coffee roast!

Blonde Coffee Roast – What Is It?

Truth be told, the word “blonde roast” was hyped up by Starbucks a few years ago when they launched the new coffee flavor, but in all honesty, this roast has been here long before that. It was known as cinnamon roast in older times, accrediting to the light brown appearance. Everyone used to think that this coffee roast tasted like cinnamon but were left astounded when it was all “coffee.” Therefore, the name evolved, and it’s now known as the blonde roast.

Now, it’s advertised as the lighter coffee roast, but there are various variations. The coffee beans used for making blonde roast are actually much closer to the medium roast coffee as compared to true blonde. For instance, the coffee roasts known as half city or light city are slightly lighter as compared to medium roast. Well, you must be wondering if the blonde roast is some light roast – in that case, it is the same as the light roast.

This is because the blonde coffee roast has higher acidity and light appearance as compared to darker coffee roasts. Even with the light roasts, there are blonde roasts, gold roasts, and white roasts. However, the primary difference between dark roast and blonde roast is the unique roasting process. This is because, for blonde coffee, the coffee beans are roasted at a lower temperature and for a much lesser time. In addition, when roasting, the beans make a cracking sound which indicates that beans have hit the roast phase.

As we have already mentioned the array of light roasts, we are sharing the information about three common light roasts;

  • White roast – this is lighter than your conventional light coffee roast and are pulled out before the first crack is heard. It is roasted only at 325-degrees Fahrenheit
  • Gold roast – this coffee roast is roasted more than the white roast and tends to have a higher caffeine content while the acidity levels are quite limited. Also, the gold roast is known for its smooth flavor
  • Blonde roast – this is the lighter coffee roast that has higher acidity as compared to other coffee options

The Characteristics Of Blonde Coffee


The blonde roast coffee has a higher acidity percentage as compared to dark roasts. The coffee beans used in the dark roasts are roasted at higher temperatures and for longer times, resulting in a unique flavor. However, when compared with the blonde coffee, it has a significant flavor difference. The higher acidity leads to a mildly sour flavor and boasts citrusy notes. In addition, some people also taste the lemony aftertaste. As far as the flavor is concerned, it’s not for you if you are into buttery and sweeter flavors. If that’s what you like, opt for a gold roast as it has lower acidity and has a milder flavor.


The blonde roast doesn’t have a full-body like a dark roast and doesn’t have a strong taste (don’t compare it to something you would sip from the espresso or French press). As far as the caffeine content is concerned, it’s actually more in blonde roast as compared to dark roast. As for the strength, it’s highly subjective as it depends on the fact that you are talking about energy boost or flavor. Moreover, the body is impacted by the quality of beans. To make blonde roasts, the majority of brands use Arabica beans but Café De Castillo uses beans from Central America and Africa.

Roasting Level

The whole coffee beans are roasted at temperatures ranging from 355-degree Fahrenheit to 400-degrees Fahrenheit. These beans are roasted just after or before they start making the cracking sounds. The crack sounds are a significant way of knowing how the roast will come out. As for the sound, you will be able to hear the cracking sound like popcorn popping as the coffee beans start expanding and opening and the moisture is evaporated. For blonde roast, anything between the first and second crack is fine.

Caffeine Percentage

It’s a common myth that dark roast has higher caffeine content as compared to light roasts. As far as the blonde roasts are concerned, they have a higher caffeine content as compared to dark roasts. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that dark roasts look less dense because they go through two cracks, whereas blonde roasts go to one crack (well, mostly).

Is Blonde Coffee A Healthy Choice?

Everyone by far knows that coffee is a healthy addition to the diet which means the blonde roast is an equally healthy option. However, the only way the blonde coffee will become unhealthy is if too many additives are added to the coffee cup or if you consume excessive caffeine. As far as the blonde roast and light roast comparison is concerned, they are similar to some extent.

In fact, do you know the lighter roasts such as blonde coffee will deliver more antioxidants, given the higher chlorogenic acid found in the coffee beans? Not to forget, the anti-inflammatory properties are higher but keep a check if you have acidity issues.


If you are the second wave or first wave generation of coffee lovers, we are sure you’ve never tasted the authentic flavors of blonde roast, and honestly, the authentic blonde roast is hard to find. Having said that, if you are ready to sip on some blonde roast after reading about the amazing flavor, Café De Castillo has something delicious in store, so add to your cart now!