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What does blonde roast taste like?

Does your enjoyment of coffee depend on whether it’s single origin or blended?

You wake up in the morning and fail to keep your eyes open, or you are at work but are unable to focus on the task given by the boss – what will you do? Grab a cup of coffee, of course!

If you are a coffee person, it’s needless to say that you’ve a go-to coffee brand. Some people are fine with the grocery store coffee, while others opt for boutique roasters that are exclusively available. However, since you drink coffee daily, it’s only possible to get burned out gulping down the same coffee grounds. Fortunately, the coffee industry is huge, and there is always a new brand waiting to bestow your cup.

Having that said, if it’s time for you to choose a new coffee brand, we are sharing some best ones, so you can start your day with a refreshing new taste!

Intelligentsia Coffee

When a brand has won multiple awards for its coffee, what more affirmation would you need? Intelligentsia Coffee also has fifteen cafes from where you can enjoy their real coffee. The best thing about this brand is that they are transparent about the farms and countries for sourcing the coffee beans. It has an array of amazing flavors, but nothing beats Frequency Blend – the medium roast blend that has a fine balance of dried fruits and chocolate tones.

Moreover, they have single-origin coffees, a special collection that offers coffee from specific regions, including Burundi and Bolivia. The coffee is available in the ground as well as whole bean forms, while decaf, instant, and espresso blends are also available.

Wake Up With the World's Freshest Coffee

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

If you want the best of every world, nothing is better than Stumptown Coffee Roasters – a small boutique. This coffee company is based in Portland and has multiple whole-bean options as well as cold brew bottles with the most delicious flavors. However, Hair Bender is the most promising blend, and it’s the one blend made by Stumptown. It has a unique yet intricate flavor that sports the sweet cherry notes (some also feel the rich fudge flavors).

With such amazing flavor and quality, Stumptown has expensive price tags as compared to other grocery store brands, but it’s not a ridiculously high price. The coffee is carefully curated to deliver high-quality flavors. However, you must purchase coffee from their official website if you want the delicious and fresh flavors as third-party vendors sell expired or near-expired coffee.

La Colombe Coffee Roasters

When looking for light roast coffee, nothing beats La Colombe Coffee Roasters that boasts artistic touch to the coffee. This coffee brand has a range of draft lattes and cold brews, but the whole-bean variety has always been the most delicious choice. There are seven options, each with its unique flavor. To illustrate, the Colombia blend has a delicate mixture of chocolate, clementines, and cherry soda, while the Java blend has delicious tones of blackberry tea, ginger, and nougat.

Honestly, it’s an expensive brand and is only available in 12-ounce jars. However, on the official website, you can find the pre-ground beans according to your coffee makers, such as French Press and Moka Pots.

Mount Hagen

If you are a fan of instant coffee, Mount Hagen is the right choice and is known for its premium quality. The coffee is available in 3.53-ounce jars (the glass jars, to be precise), but they are more expensive when compared to Nescafe and Folgers. However, since one jar can make fifty cups of coffee, it’s still a great value for your money. Mount Hagen also has decaf instant coffee options. Not to forget, the coffee is also available in single-serve sticks, making them suitable for traveling and camping.

Death Wish Coffee Company

If you’ve a fondness for sipping on the dark roast, Death Wish Coffee Company has coined its name for strongest and dark coffee. The coffee is highly caffeinated, but that doesn’t take away the splash of flavor and smoothness it brings to the cup. In addition, the coffee has cherry and dark chocolate notes. They also have a second option, Valhalla Java, which is less caffeinated and more affordable (it’s equally delicious, though). The coffee is available in K-Cup, ground, and whole bean form!


If you like sipping down espresso shots, this 100-year-old Italian brand deserves your attention. Ranging from K-Cups to drop machines, they have espresso blends for everyone. First of all, Espresso Italiano is a mid-level intense coffee available in the ground as well as a whole bean variety. It boasts floral and fruity tones along with the traditional coffee flavor. However, if you like it dark, opt for Crema e Gusto. The coffee is available in tins and bags of different sizes, but all of them give the bang for your buck.

Seattle's Best Coffee

If your bank account is stooping down, Seattle’s Best Coffee is the best budget coffee. This brand has struck a chord with flavor as well as affordability. It might seem a bit expensive than Maxwell House, but it’s yummier and still doesn’t cost a fortune. There are six K-Cup varieties and ten ground coffee blends. As much as we hate to say it, there is no whole bean option!

Café De Castillo

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we were saving the best for the last. That’s because Café De Castillo is a US-based coffee roasting company and boasts the finest blend of various coffee options. The coffee is made with a fine balance of aroma, flavor, taste, and body. The best thing about their coffee is that it’s freshly roasted whenever you place an order, promising the freshest and aromatic coffee. There are more than 15 blends available while you can get your hands on 12 flavored coffee blends.

Even when their coffee blends are made in California, US, they have 13 single origin coffee blends, so you can enjoy the authentic coffee flavor of different regions. Café De Castillo also offers 3 sample packs so you can try their different blends of coffee. Not to forget, if you make up your mind to purchase coffee, you can enjoy free shipping over $100 and get $5 on your order by using COFFEE as the coupon code.

So, which coffee brand is getting lucky today?